Rufino Florido Misano

Blog | Rufino Florido happy to be battling up front in Misano

Hello everybody,

In this blog I will tell you how was for me the past weekend in Misano and some other things, I hope that you enjoy it a lot!

The first day was good, from the start I felt very fast so I can do very good laps, in the qualy I finish 5th but my best lap wasn't as good as I can, I have a penalty for be very slow in some laps and I start finally 8th.

The second day was good too, I didn't make a perfect start but with my pace I can overtake all the riders in front of me and catch the front group. When I caught the front group I have a problem with the gearbox and the front group go but in the last laps I catch the group once more and I pass Sasaki and Rory.

Then I push to catch Toba but Fernandez made some mistakes and I overtook him. I finished 3rd but I have another penalty for going out of the track and finally finished 4th.

That was a very good weekend for me because I have now all the feeling and I can fight in the front positions where I have to stay. So in Aragon I will be 100% focused. I also have a little surprise, that is a new bike for training that will come home very soon so pay attention to my accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you for read my blog,