Blog | Rufino Florido gets used to the Rookies Cup KTM

Hi everyone!!

In this blog I'll tell you how I have been in the test of Jerez, I hope you like it!

On the first day we got the clothes of Alpinestars and we tried for the first time the racing gear which was very comfortable, we also had the first photo shooting for Red Bull, also we adjusted the bike to us

The second day we tried for the first time the bike, It seemed a very agile and very fast bike, it is nothing like my previous bike, luckily I knew the circuit and this helped me a lot to grab the feeling on the bike, we also made some adjustments to the front suspension.

The third day also we rode the bike and I felt more and more comfortable with the bike, I felt that the bike has no engine brake barely (seemed like a 125 2-stroke) and I could achieve a faster cornering, the bike was liking me very much !! We also adjusted the front suspension that was not right

The fourth day was mainly photo shooting and I didn't ride the bike

The fifth day was the most fun! First we have a free practice and about start training, after then we did a test procedure of the start and a qualifying that did not go very well because in the last ten minutes there was a red flag and could not improve. Finally we had a race to 18 laps in the first round I was in the group but did a mistake and I lost them. Then I tried to catch because I was going faster than the leading group but I did not have enough time to catch them.

I hope you have enjoyed!!