Rufino Florido Silverstone

Blog | Rufino Florido finding Silverstone long and tricky

Hi everyone,

In this blog I'm going to tell how was for me the last race in Silverstone, I need to say that England is a very good country and the nearby village to the circuit are all beautiful sites!

The first day: It's my first time in Silverstone and for this I watched a lot of race in the track and I did a lap with a bicycle and my opinion of the track was very good. I started the first free practice well but the track is very long and I couldn't find the limits of the track and in the corner number 6 I touched the grass and crashed... This crash was really bad because I lost the free practice... In the second free practice I improved a lot but not enough and in the qualifying I only could make 13th.

The second day: I was focused for the first race in made a good start and yes! I did this start but I made a mistake in the first lap and I lost the group... All the race I still fighting in the second big group leading this group but in the last lap I take a bump and crashed, I was in 8th position.

The third day: This day was very difficult because it's raining and I never rode the bike in these conditions. I started more or less OK but I couldn't get the feeling with the bike and I was very slow, in a fast corner the bike skidded and I crashed...

This was a very bad weekend for me but I am looking forward very much to Misano.

See you there,