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Blog | Rufino Florido fast and hungry at the Sachsenring

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the late but here you have my new blog about the races in Sachsenring, I hope that you enjoy it!

We arrived in Germany on Tuesday. I had to pass a medical control due to the crash in the first race of Assen, all was perfect and I was totally ready for the action.

The first day all start perfectly, I finished 3rd in the first free practice. I was taking the feeling of the track very fast and in the second free practice I finished 2nd but I didn't have a good pace and I don't like this. In the qualifying I finish 9th because we are all so close.

I knew that I can overtake a lot in the races and so I was looking forward to the race.

In the first race I started well and I started overtaking a lot of people and I finally caught Viu at the front and I start fighting with him. But in the last 3 laps I lost the feeling with the rear wheel and because of this I was 5th in the last corner. I tried to overtake 2 riders on the outside but this didn't work and I finish 8th.

In the second race I didn't start so well and for this I took a lot of risk overtaking fast and in one of this overtakes I crashed.

That weekend was a disaster for me but I'm learning a lot and I will not do the same fails another time for sure. In the Red Bull Ring I will do my best.

I'm training a lot in this little vacations and I will return at 100%, thanks for reading my blog and enjoy it!!

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