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Blog | Rocco Landers cooped up at home and letting loose

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my first Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Blog!

I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic!

When it all started I was in Los Angeles, California, doing a bunch of training and racing. Right now we are up at our ranch in Oregon.

I have been staying busy with ranch work, training, and riding flat track as well as MX.


Ranch work has consisted of finishing a chicken coop we built. We got some new baby chicks that are growing so fast! We also got 3 new goats from some friends of ours. They help eat the grass on our field and to fertilise it. We have been cutting firewood. We are about to start planting some crops in the field.


But I can't wait to get back to racing soon. I think we will be able to race in California at the end of May.

I cannot wait to get on that Red Bull Rookies KTM race bike!

Thanks for reading!

Rocco Landers