Raúl Fernández

Blog | Raúl Fernández training for a Brno podium and winning in Spain

Hi everybody!

I am so excited about the coming race in Brno! I was in 4th position at the Saschsenring and I am really keen on getting a place at the podium! This is my goal and that's why I am training with all my strength, in fact I go to the circuit together with my classmates(1)!

This week, I am going to the beach together with my family. I am going to relax a bit and of course I am going to practise water-sports! I think after this week, I will be much more motivated for the race in Brno.

I've participated in the Spanish Championship at Motorland (Aragon) and I've got the second place in the first race and the First place in the second race. This is a good reference for the next Red Bull Rookies Cup's event.

I hope you to have as much fun as I do in Brno! And most important, I hope to get into the podium! I am sure my enthusiasm and the great team that is taking care of me are going to make my goal true!!

Muchos gas!