Raúl Fernández Sachsenring

Blog | Raúl Fernández scoring well but not enough at the Sachsenring

Hello at all,

Good, I wanted to tell you of my weekend in Sachsenring. I arrived with the mentality to win as I did in Assen. All the mechanical people helped me a lot, my father, Francés and Santi.

The truth is that the event did not start perfectly, I have not time to set my bike up, because I wanted to know the circuit.

When I arrived to QP I had a lot of problems to make the fastest lap, it had plenty of traffic with other riders and it was difficult to do a clean lap, so I did not have a good feeling I did not ride as I would like.

In Race 1, there were incidents with the back of the bike, until the tire did not wear a bit I could not open the gas, in Race 2 I experienced some similar problems, I could not do strong braking or be hard opening the gas.

The truth is that it has not been a very positive weekend because my partner Sasaki bettered me on points and I came with the aim to close the gap.

I have three weeks in which I will train to get to Spielberg as strong as possible and score all possible points. I want to win the championship.

A cordial greeting to all,
Raul # 23