Raúl Fernández

Blog | Raúl Fernández has no rest but a lot of fun

Hello to all,

These weeks after holidays are being very hard.

First because I am striving to the maximum with studies and second to manage all the hard physical training that I am doing.

This week, apart from going to school and studying in the evening to prepare ahead of exams, I am training with the bike, running and the bike circuit.

Oscar Haro from LCR Honda is helping me with training - and having fun

On the weekends, instead of resting and relaxing as usual for a boy of my age, I train hard. Motocross, supermotard, dirt track etc...

The good thing is that I have a coach, who has become a great friend and people I most admire so everything is more bearable.

Hanging out with F2 drivers Andy Soucek and Lucas Ordoñez

This year I would like to improve and advance equal to or better that in 2015 and I am putting everything in my power to get there. So I hope to get many podiums and on the top step for me and for all the people who are helping me, including the organisation of the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Lining up with my brother and friends for a bit of fun

The only rest I have allowed myself has been the celebration of the birthday of my brother Adrian, and where better to celebrate than in motorcycle racing which is the passion of the two of us.

A lot of gassss