Raúl Fernández

Blog | Raúl Fernández happier in Brno than at the Red Bull Ring

Hello at all,

The truth is I am very satisfied with the result that I have had in Brno.

I left the Austrian circuit with bad taste, it was not a good result. I had to change the bike because I had a problem with my bike. I did not have a lot of time to get to know the track and did not have a good feeling for the circuit. I had to think of the championship and I had to finished as for forward as possible without falling.

In Brno, again I felt some bike problems and changed the bike in the second free practice. For half the FP2 they gave me a new bike and I had a little time set up the bike but I already knew the circuit.

In the first race, we all really battled and I finished fourth, I am very happy to get a good result but not it is not enough because they are catching me in the points.

In the second race I changed the strategy and I tried to be faster.The start was bad though and I had to claim back a lot of positions, this effort was hard on the tyres as we were running rain tires on the dry track and the bike was sliding around a lot.

I keep it together and in the last chicane I got myself in the right position and crossed the line second.

Dissatisfied in Austria and more happy in Brno.

In this moment I am in Portinao (Portugal) for the Junior World Championship race for to follow preparing the next race to Misano, with the mentality to win.

Thanks a lot to everyone for the unconditional support and the mechanics that work so much for me.

Lot of Gassssss,