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Happy New Year,

I hope this year 2016 is full of joys for all.

I am striving to the maximum to enhance the results of 2015. In December I was handed the championship trophy speed of Spain, where I was in third position, I contested four of six races, the other two clashed with our Red Bull events. I made the fastest lap in the four circuits of the Championship.

In these months I am doing a personal training, to be sure to be physically prepared in concentration and technique I will continue all through these months.

With the bike I am doing dirt track, flat track, motocross and supermotorad.

December was a tough month for training, high school exams, sporting events etc.

I went on a Christmas Holiday with my family to Cuba, doing water sports among other things, discovering another life, customs etc. We have been cut off and spent most days doing social work and seeing those who are in need and don't have what we have. It made me see how lucky I am and appreciate things even more all.

I want to pay special tribute to Oscar Haro for the support and assistance provided, in addition to getting to know him personally and discovering a great person.



PS. A lot of Gasss and I see you all on track.