Raúl Fernández

Blog | Raúl Fernández content with a great 4th in Race two at at the Sachsenring

Hi everyone,

I would like to share with you how my weekend at the Sachsenring circuit went.

The first free practices didn't go too well - I did not adjust well to the bike or the circuit. But that is part and parcel of training and I slowly started to feel more confident.

For the timed practice, I got started very badly and could not get the bike in tune. The same thing happened in the first race, I got off the grid badly in 14th and had a touch with another driver meaning I was even more behind.

Gradually I started to climb back, reaching 12th and feeling like I had more to give and a great desire to show it.

Sunday's start was also not good, but my rhythm improved and I was able to climb positions to reach the group fighting for 3rd, the position which I was in, almost to the finish line.

I'm happy with the 4th place I achieved and the progress this represents in my first year and I am very grateful for how good the whole Red Bull team make me feel, especially Santi, Frances, Dani and Gustl because without them I would not have achieved all of this.

Greetings to you all, have a great summer and see you in Brno.

Mucho gas!!!