Raúl Fernández

Blog | Raúl Fernández with a better start than last year

Hello boys and girls,

The weekend in Jerez, it was not what I expected, so I am more happy than the last year, because I left the first race with two zeros.

I came with a lot of moral because in the test I had managed to shoot fast from the beginning and from the free sessions I did it with the best times, but in the qualifying I did not achieve a clean lap and ended up in P4.

In the first Saturday race I was not comfortable with the set up of the bike and after all was in the front group and finish third.

In the second race I did not want problems and so I tried to get away from the start but I did not manage. I really I wore the tire down and the performance dropped off. In the last curve I tried to get first but suffered a fall, fortunately I was able to get up with half a bike and finish the race in P13. So I got something, any point is good.

See you in Assen with much encouragement.

A Lot of Gassssss