Raúl Fernández González

Blog | Raúl Fernández González more news on his end of season drama

Hello everyone!!

On October 26th I raced in Navarra, the Spanish Cup, leaving third, but I was a tough race because my bike did not reach the desired speed, but thanks to my team I got finish the race and climb the podium in third position.

For this reason I was invited to run in the last race of the CEV (Spanish Championship) with a KTM to have contact with a motorbike similar to the one I am going to use in the 2015 season with my new team Red Bull. I qualified sixteenth but when I was running in forward positions I fell down, unfortunately another rider hit me with his motorcycle, I went to the hospital and had to have my spleen removed. The consequences are not bad, since with some vaccines to strengthen my immune system I will have no problem to continue my sports career.

As for the colleague who fell with me and broke his collarbone, although his recovery is slower, he's also eager to climb back to his motorcycle.

I'm looking forward to going back on a motorcycle, especially to test my new KTM for the Red Bull Rookies Cup and recover all of this lost time. in January I have already prepared a system of physical training for this and while I am studying racing to learn new strategies and see the circuits to which I've never been and I'm looking forward to test.

As I can't workout, I go to school where I help as a monitor to the smaller kids and give encouragement, although now I have to do so without wearing my leathers, but still I enjoy it very much to help and also learn from them.

In the college, teachers have helped me a lot, allowing me to do the exams at a later time, and now due to the injury I have a lot now, so I am studying hard. My parents together with a particular professor have been supporting me with the tasks, and also with another teacher improving my English.

I hope can send you soon photos on a motorcycle. And wish you all a Happy Christmas.

My best regards,

Raúl Fernández