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Hi Everyone,

I'm so happy to be part of the Red Bull Rookies Cup in 2020 again. That is why winter time is only a small break for me.

Almost every day I do training on Moto Cross track. I especially love to ride the big machines. In last year´s races I struggled with the weight of the KTM. So with the heavy cross bike I can improve my physical fitness. I hope this will help me next summer.


Unfortunately I was injured in winter and had to take a break from training. Now everything is healed up and I can get off to a flying start again.

Now in the end of January I go to Spain for some days to be back on the street. At home it's too cold for racing, so let´s hit the South.


And there are more news: For 2020 we repositioned our team and try to work even more concentrated on Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Now it is still necessary to find some more sponsors. I would like to be part in one more racing competition besides Red Bull Rookies Cup.


New for 2020 is the support from the German Sport Foundation (ADAC Stiftung Sport). To be part there I had to pass an entry test.


Which was absolutely fascinating! Very interesting exercises, I never thought they would exist :-) However, it worked well - I got admitted into the Foundation. This makes me really proud!

Until the beginning of 2020 season I want to improve my strength and condition. I am really looking forward for the first race!

Phillip #6