Phillip Tonn

Blog | Phillip Tonn training for six action weeks


Now 3 weeks have passed since the last races.


Unfortunately, I was unable to achieve my goals. I've had a lot of appointments in the last few weeks to prepare myself for the second phase of the season.

I will travel to Spain for eight weeks on Monday, there are six consecutive weeks of races in the Red Bull Rookies Cup and the European Talent Cup.


That's a long time. In the last 3 weeks I kept myself physically fit and worked on my mental strength.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, it is not easy to organise and plan everything as we would like. The fact that the family cannot travel with me as I would like to, doesn't make it easy.


Bridging the lack of school time will also be exciting, I've never had so many weeks with independent studies before.

I'm looking forward to the next stage and will do my best.

Your Phillip #6