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Hey friends,

I hope you are fine and well.


Corona time seems to be never ending and I'm still at home. These days I work with a private teacher for solving my schoolwork. I thought to have very much to handle, but on the contrary - not much to do. In a few days I can go back to school and learn there. Let´s see, how this will work.


Corona Ciao, bike Hello! It felt like eternity since I was on a bike. The feeling was incredible! I really felt, how much I missed motorcycle sport. As soon as allowed I entered the bike and the track behind the house. Many of my friends joined me. It´s way more fun to ride together! But still I miss MotoGP. I hope soon to be back in Spain for training or maybe be part in a race. If this will be possible - I don´t know.


And I had some fun with friends. Together we visited a zoo and an adventure park. It´s nice to see some other horizons. However it was great fun and I am happy being with my boys again.


My dog Leo was a big part of my last weeks as well. I taught him some tricks and to follow orders. I´m very proud of him as he learns sooo fast. Love this guy!


Great to see the new calendar, I can't wait to be racing again!

your Phillip #6