Phillip Tonn

Blog | Phillip Tonn reflects on the past and post Guadix success


My name is Phillip Tonn. I am 13 years old and live in Germany.

I rode motorcycle the first time at age 9, it was a KTM SX50 Mini (I have never been as tall as others in my age). After some crashes and injuries I was not allowed to ride cross and changed to a PocketBike.


This was the beginning for my way in the motorsports on the road. After the PocketBike I started on MiniBike (Honda NSF 100). I could win the German Championship title in 2015 (PocketBike), 2016 (MiniBike beginners), 2017 (MiniBike talented).


In 2018 I drove the HawkersCup (TPR 85ccm) in Spain. That was really exciting, because we were very much in Spain. I like the country, the people and especially the weather and the beach, the tracks and hard competitions.
My parents have nothing to do with motorsports. That's all my thing. They support me, but have no experience with it. That's why I have a coach who accompanies and supports me a lot.


After the Red Bull Rookies Cup Selection in Guadix we went to Almeria for the last race of Hawkers Cup. That was not easy for me. All the impressions and emotions of Guadix were buzzing in my head and I had to ride a race.
In the first race I had a technical failure but I won the second race. Then I could relax for a week in Spain and traveled back to Germany absolutely happy.


In everyday life I go to school, meet with my friends and do sports. I spend a lot of time with my dog Carlos. Sadly he is too tall to join me to race tracks.

Now it's important for me to learn English and keep fit. In Germany it isn´t possible to train from October till April. We will fly to Spain for training as soon as possible.

I am so happy that I was invited for the Red Bull Rookies Cup. I'm curious what will happen there.

Bye for now,