Phillip Tonn

Blog | Phillip Tonn back in action but running out of road

Hello Everyone,

I was glad that the Medical Center released me to start. After a crash in the ETC I had to be sewn on 2 wounds.
I had respect for the first time I sat on the bike, because I didn't know what the pain would be like. But it was doable. So I started.


I've worked hard on myself since the last Rookies Cup races, mentally and physically.

In the first race I was able to present myself well and I was glad that things went better again. I felt good on the bike and was able to finish the race in 16th. Unfortunately I got a long lap penalty.


In the second race, I set myself the goal of improving the performance from the day before. But unfortunately i had a highsider.


Now it's time to concentrate on the next weekend.

Many thanks to the Red Bull Rookies Cup crew for the great work.

Phillip #6