Blog | Philipp sick in Brno



Hi all,

Last weekend was the 6th round of the Red Bull Moto GP Rookies Cup in Brno. I was quiet confident for this weekend because I know the track very well. In the free practice session I got back into a good rhythm and a good pace. I worked with the track map to optimise my line on the circuit.

In the 1st qualifying I found a good setting for the 2nd qualifying. In the 2nd session it was much more easy for me to do good lap times. I could improve my lap times and as well the position on the grid. I finished 7th. I was quiet confident for the race on Saturday.

On Saturday I got a good start and good early laps. I closed up to the top 3 riders. But then someone passed me and a gap was opened. In the last corner I was in 5th position but someone hit me and I had to go wide. I finished 10th. I was not so happy because with a 5th place I would get some points over the 2nd one in the championship. 

After the race I don’t felt really good. I had headache, pain in my legs and problems with my stomach as well. During the night it became really worse. I don’t sleep so much. When we arrived at the track we went to the Clinica Mobile a few times. They advised us not to race because the fever rose during the day to 39 degrees. I decided not to drive because in the condition I was I wouldn’t get any points. I was very sad when I left the track on Sunday. Now I have to put my focus on getting healthy again.

See you,

Philipp #5