Pedro Acosta

Blog | Pedro Acosta happy with his first Rookies Cup test

Hi readers,

I write you again to tell you how was this week the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup test in Jerez.


Monday was fun and a long day, at last I could can see my bike but couldn't drive it and I had to wait for the next day. However we were able to try our Alpinestars leathers and our Schuberth helmets.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to try our bike in the first free practice sessions I had a good feeling with the bike and I was able to go a little fast with very good feelings.


On Thursday we were filming and making more pictures and some briefings and we spoke with our helpers and our suspension technician.


On Friday we had wet conditions and we could test the bike in different conditions, I have a very good feeling in wet conditions.

In resume I am very happy with my test and I am ready for the Jerez race.


I want to thank KSB, Pakote Racing School, Dani Rivalta, Peter Clifford and all the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup people to help me at all the time.

Chat soon,