Pedro Acosta

Blog | Pedro Acosta with a great run to second in Mugello

Hi readers!!

Today I will talk to you about the Mugello Race.

FP1: P3
I had a very good felling with the bike but I needed to adapt to the circuit.


FP2: P7
I was ready to prepare my motorcycle for the race and also to maintain a pace to be competitive for qualifying.


QP: P10
In the first part of the QP I was in a group to make a good lap time but in the second part of the QP I went just to prepare for the race alone.

I was In the very big group from P2 to P20.


At the beginning of the race I did not have a good feeling with the bike but when I was halfway through the race I found myself with better confidence in the front and was able to overtake more easily.


So I set myself up for the last lap to get second and to be able to make the first podium of the season.


Chat soon,