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Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen racing wet and cold at home

Hi All,

I was training in Finland with a KTM RC390.

My first day it was dry, but the outside temperature was about 13°C so the track was slippery.

I had a lot of fun but that bike's tyres were for the street so grip wasn't the best. But in the dry I was fastest easily.

The next day I had qualifying and the race. It was raining so much and the track temperature was 4°C.

Everyone was afraid to crash with the bike because we had to drive with street tyres, we didn't have rain tyres.

When I was in the qualifying I didn't have any control with the bike and I was freezing on the bike, because it was raining so hard I didn't see my opponents.

When the race started the weather was so bad I almost didn't see the starting lights at the start.

With 2 laps to go and I rode off the track because I almost lost my front and I lost one minute.

So that race day was crazy.

By for now,