Patrik Pulkkinen

Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen racing in Spain and scoring points in Assen

Hello everyone!

In the last two weeks I've been in Catalonya circuit.
It was my first race in CEV and it was very good training for the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

I learnt step by step and I saw a lot of another riders lines and I learnt a lot!
But my main problem was entry into the corner with confidence and lean the bike more.

In the first race I was 16th and I lost my first point only 0.020.

In the second race I was position 23 I think but I liked the bike and track a lot.

After that I went testing in Motorland. I learnt every session a lot and I love that track very much.

I was improving session by session 0,5-1,5 seconds. I thought that for the next session I would try to follow some faster riders and learn more lines behind them.

So the next session came and I started following another rider and in corner 13 the other ride braked earlier and I had to brake very very hard, my rear wheel was in the air and when he turned into corner I hit him and made a hard crash in high speed.

In that crash I hurt my elbow and shoulder. After that we went to the hospital and they took x-rays of my elbow and shoulder. The doctors told me that I had a small break in my elbow but that I can ride in Assen!

Assen was very good for me, I enjoyed the track. I Qualified position 15 and I lost only 0.3 seconds to position 9.

Assen photo shoot with other ex Moriwaki Cup riders Bo and Robert

In the first race I had bad lucky in first corner and I went out of the track onto the green area and on the third lap I went wide in the last corner. I lost some positions there but I caught my group again and finished 12th.
In the second race I didn't catch the second group at the start and I had a good race with Walid Soppe and Martin Gbelec. I finished the second race 12th but I'm happy for the points I got this weekend.

Can't wait for the Sachsenring.