Patrik Pulkkinen

Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen in the points at the Sachsenring

Hello my followers!

We have good news in Finland! In Finland is going to be the first MotoGP track on 2018. The name is KymiRing I can't wait until the track is ready. Welcome to Finland everybody!

This weekend I got a new mechanic, Matti, for rest of the season. He's very good and we have no problems and everything is going well.

This weekend was very good for me 'cause I got my best qualifying position so far and my starting position was 12. I lost only 0,850 to pole and it was very good.

The first race was a very good fight for position 10. In the race there was only 2 groups and I was in the second group and had a lot of overtaking and fighting for points. I finished position 15.

In the second race I had not such a good start because I released my clutch too fast so I lost some speed on the straight. After that I started to overtake riders and went to catch the group front of me.

I was catching the next group a little bit every lap but then I made a stupid mistake because I braked too late at the first corner and then i went wide and lost the gap that I had caught.

For the rest of the race I rode alone and finished 13th. It was a good experience for me and I'm happy for the weekend.

That's all see you guys at the Red Bull Ring at Austria.

Regards Patrik!