Patrik Pulkkinen

Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen overcoming problems in Misano

Hello everyone!

Misano race weekend was very difficult for me, because it was hard track for me and I didn't find a correct setup.

First practice went well because I didn't have problems to follow other riders or stay on the correct line.

Second practice was different, because I was faster so the setup was not perfect for the driving style. My front was pumping when I was going in to corner with brakes and my front brake was also loose.

I had good feeling but I couldn't find free space to push. Sometimes riders start waiting with a big group and stays on my line and that slows me down. I finished 14th, not bad but it should be better.

I had a not bad but not so good start because I didn't improve any positions but I didn't lose any.

In the first lap I lost 2 places and because we start overtaking and we lost the group. For the rest of the race I was just overtaking with few riders. Good experience for fighting in the group.

I believe that I learned about this and I will be more stronger for Aragon!

See you there.

Best regards,