Patrik Pulkkinen

Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen learning about Silverstone and the wet

Hello everyone!

My weekend at Silverstone was very difficult for me, because again a new track to learn and it was very difficult to find the correct setup for the bike on this track.

I like Silverstone track layout but it´s very hard to find the correct line to come out of the corner.

My biggest problem was coming in to fast corner, because my bike starts moving from the bumps.

In Qualification I had problems to find rider to follow, but then I found a slipstream from front riders and make a good laptime by following them.

Race 1 I made an OK start but coming out from first corner I had no space so I lost my opening and lost positions.

In the race I had problems because my bike chattered in fast corners.

On the last lap I caught the group in front of me but I had time to overtake only one and finished position 15.

Race 2 was totally different because it was a wet race and it was my first time with this bike on a wet track.

I just tried to get good feeling in the rain but I need more kilometres with this bike on a wet track.

For me the important thing was to finish the race and get points.
Now I´m very hungry for the Misano race!

See you there in 1 and a half weeks.