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Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen enjoying some great battles in Aragon

Hey everyone!

It was a very cool weekend in Aragon, let me tell you what was going on at the weekend.

First of all weather was nice there and I had very good experience and good fighting!
I also got invited to the 3rd year which is very important for me and my future!

Friday at Aragon:
In the first two practices it was difficult to find correct lines and braking points.
I had to do a lot of work for the qualification, because Spanish riders were so fast there and I had to focus 110% on everything to learn to be faster.

The qualification was very good because we found the correct setup on the bike and I had a good flow.
I finished 10th which was a great place to start for me.

Race 1:
My start was not so bad, I didn't lose or win in the first corner.

After first lap I went wide and had not a good exit so I lost a lot in the second lap.
I was at position 17 and I fought until the end and finished 8th.
A great comeback but the beginning must be better!

Race 2:
A better start and improved by 1 position after the first corner.
I didn't lose positions but my group lost the next group and we had to start catching it.
We caught the next group at end of the race.

I was 8th before a rider made a mistake and I had to close the gas and I lost the group a little bit.

It was hard to catch the group again because there was one fast rider leading the group and doing fast laps.

I caught the group on the last lap but I couldn't overtake anybody before the finish line.
It was still the better race than the first one even though the position was worse.

Thank you everyone for supporting me this year I'm grateful for all the help and support.
It means me a lot!

See you next year again everyone!

Very very very best regards,

Patrik #4