Patrik Pulkkinen

Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen delivers big time in Brno

Hello everyone!

Again one of my best weekends in Brno so far because I qualified 2nd and in the race I got new lap record what surprised me a lot and I made hole shots on both races.

My bike was also very good this weekend!

First practice was very good because I was able to push from the beginning good laps on my own.

Qualification was very different than others because at the end of the QP I entered the pit and I saw the time was running out so I had to go out very fast to make one more good lap. I passed the finish line just a few seconds before the finish flag and then made my best lap on the last lap and qualified 2nd.

Race 1.
I had very good start and I stayed in the top group which was my goal and iI made a new lap record on the track, behind them.

The race was very hard because we were pushing very hard every lap and i lost just little bit on the front so I had to try to close the gap but I crashed from position 6.

I got a lot of experience in that race.

Race 2 was on half wet and half dry snd we went with wet tyres in the race so it was very difficult at the start. I had a perfect start and my race was good because I was fighting for position 2 and my goal was to finish on podium but I finished 5th.

A perfect race for me and a lot of experience.

Thanks to everyone, without you I would never have this experience.

See you in Misano.

Best regards,