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Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen braking later in Portugal

Hi Everyone,

I was training at Circuit de Algarve with Ajo Motorsport Moto3.

It was a great trip and I learnt a lot!

I had three days for training and I like the track very much! The track was like a roller coaster so that the track was going up and down.

The weather was changing a lot so we had to wait for dry or wet because the track was too dangerous for going with slicks and it was not a good idea to go wrecking our rain tyres.

For me my trip was good because I learn the track and I learnt more powerful braking. Also it was my first time to drive in the rain with a Moto3 bike.

I just bought myself new handle springs so I can train my arms to be more powerful and then I think it will be easier to brake harder.

I can't wait to see you all guys in Jerez!


Patrik Pulkkinen

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