Oscar Gutierrez

Blog | Oscar pushing hard in Aragon | 2014

Good day to all!

Last weekend was the last race of the season and it was in my home track. I arrived at the circuit very motivated and I was couldn't wait to ride my bike.

On Friday we had the two practise and the QP. In the first practise I wanted to see how the bike was going and check the gearing. In the second practise I changed to another rear sprocket because I wanted to try if the other one was better. In the QP I used the same as in the second practise and I was pushing very hard but with this sprocket it was not possible to go faster.

Finally, for the race we changed the sprocket from 33 to 34 and started quite well and in the corners 1 and 5 (first lap) I went wide because there were many riders who did not know where they can break. It was horrible, and then, later I had to do a reset and start to overtake as many riders as possible because when I went wide, I was last. Lap by lap, I was catching a lot of groups and at 6 laps to go approx. Olly and me caught the 9th that was Marc (Garcia) and finally we were a group of 3 with 6 laps to go, until the end.

The second race I only wanted to finish in the top 10, I started a little bit bad but when we were at the second corner, I couldn't see anything, do not know what happened that problem with the helmet visor was fogged and was all white. In all the straight I had to push up my visor and see the straight without visor, but this is not an excuse.

At 2 laps to go, I was catching Manzi and at the last chicane I opened the throttle and the bike spat me off with the rear.

I'm very very happy to be one more year with the Red Bull MotoGp Rookies Cup and I'm sure that this winter I'm going to prepare at maximum the next season!!

Thank you :)