Blog | Oscar Gutierrez at the track with his mates

Hi guys!!

A lot of time since my last blog and now I want to tell you new things about these days.

I've been training too hard. Last week I went with my mate Marc Garcia on his little track and we were training and having fun. When we were tired, we did a beautiful corner and we were touching with the elbows, enjoying all the time.

This week I wanted to go to Castelloli and see all my friends from the cup of 2013 and of course, supporting my big friend Felix Periane who did the pole position and second in the two races. After the race, I went to the podium and give the award to them and talk with the Catalan Federation who behave very well with me.

I'm waiting a lot for the test and I'm bored without a race weekend but in two weeks we'll see the first race of the season in Qatar and this day, I will fly to Jerez for the test.

See you soon and have a nice start of week!