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Blog | Omar Bonoli growing and getting smaller

Hello to everybody,

I 'm enjoying the holidays, my sea (the Adriatic) and the mornings with my friends. when school is over I have been reborn... I also feel stronger on the bike.

... About motorcycles, this year something has changed: I grew a few centimeters and I realize that the overall dimensions of my body increased. This means that the feeling driving is a little different, ... as if the bike was smaller.

I have to take command of the encumbrances... so every afternoon are on the bike or on the bicycle: mountain bike, cross, motard, everything is fine to improve the sensitivity riding the bike.

I want to say one thing: if I've gained a few centimeters in height and I kept my weight, It means that I am also lost weight. Harray!!!!!!!

See you on the track,

Omar #20