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Hello everybody!

School is finished and I was promoted to the next grade. Finally I can get the wifi: I made a pact with my relatives and the Internet connection was my gift for promotion.

So, in a few days it will come to my father's house and I shall be able to be online with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

I am very sorry for not being very involved in the blogs. Now I will be very present.

There is another good news in my life: my father bought a van to transport my Supermotard 4 stroke. Now I can train every day in my favourite track and I am free to do what I like most: riding the bike.

The goal is to improve my riding on "big" motorcycles, take confidence with this engine, revise lines that I did with 50 cc., and especially, to improve myself in all respects: now 13 years old, I'm getting big.

Ambitions for Assen? Winning points in the standings. This means finishing the races, fighting from start to finish, to do my best on the track already on Friday. Starting in a good position means not having to make double effort, like me in Jerez.

I was forgetting to tell you that meanwhile I am losing weight... Lucky are those who don't have this problem!

See you in Assen but i will write you in the blog before.

Omar Bonoli #20