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Hello guys. Are you all fine?

I will write you how I am preparing for the last few races of the season.


More or less every Saturday I went to a karting track near my home in Elsass (France). There I trained with my Husqvarna 450ccm. It has always been good fun. Sometimes, there were a lot of riders and it was a very good training to overtake riders. It is always good fun to train all day. And I like it so much to train with my 450ccm. It is not the biggest track, but it is great to train there.


The 25th of August we drove to Mugello for a test day with a Moto3. The test was with my team I also ride in the European Talent Cup. The test started well. My feeling was good, and it was much fun to ride. I improved my times. In the morning it was very good. But then in the afternoon it started to rain very hard. But I decided to ride because riding in the rain is a good training. I was the only rider on track, so I had the Mugello track for me alone. It was awesome.


The test day ended, and I had a good feeling. In the end of the last rain session I had a small crash but nothing bad. I only slipped away. The same evening (26th of August) we drove back home because I had to go to school. Well, that's part of the job.


But not for a long time. I only went to school for two days and then I drove to Italy again but this time not to Mugello, we drove to a really nice track called Pista South Milano Ottobiano. It has got some Motocross tracks and one very cool Supermoto track. It's near Milano. I went training there for two days. The first day I rode Motocross. It was so much fun to ride Motocross again after some months. It is a brilliant training too of course. It was great to jump through the Italian air. It smelled like pizza. I rode all day.


The second day of training I rode with my 450ccm. The track layout in Ottobiano it wonderful. There are many corners and especially different kind of corners, that's the great thing. You have to work a lot on the bike and it's great to do the hang off there because the corners are very smooth and some of them are quite long. Well, I rode all day long and this cost my new tire. But it was so nice because I could ride so much on this day.


Well, I planned to ride also for a half day of Motocross before we went back home again. But I rode two sessions and then the bike stopped due a problem with the engine. So, I had to push the bike over the Motocross track and back to my camper. Then we went home. The next day I went back to school. Now at home I also prepare me physically for the next races. I like to go running and in the gym. I love to go mountain biking. I am also in a Bike Club. It's so nice.


So, this is all about me so far. I hope you enjoyed reading the Blog and I hope you have a great time.


See you in Misano next week!

Noah Dettwiler #55