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Blog | Noah Dettwiler training in Spain with Rookie mates and his sister

Hello and welcome to another blog.

How are you all doing? I'll show you a bit, how I spend the winter break and how I'm getting ready for the upcoming season.


As you know, I moved to Spain. We're living here since last December and of course, the training possibilities are great. You can't compare it with Switzerland. It's sunny, warm and perfect to train. It's perfect to ride bikes, but also physical sports are great in the good weather. Like running.


Last weekend we had a test with my European Talent Cup team in Valencia Circuit Ricardo Tormo. The test went positive. Myself and the team are happy about the work we did.


We are working great together and we work to go to the front. Like it says, Teamwork makes Dreamwork!


Since a few days we got our camper at our home, so now we can go to ride with our own bikes. I went to a kart track in Valencia, called Chiva. Awesome track to train with a supermoto.


I had a good training day. But what made the training day better was to battle with my Red Bull Rookies mates Zonta and Collin. We had great fights on the supermoto. Rivals on the track, but friends in the paddock (See main photo).

Apart from training on my own with my father, I'm also training at the KSB school. Many riders on the same bike doing exercises on a Kawasaki 65ccm. Great to train with a group of riders. You really learn how to overtake and how to fight.


Once a week, we're training flat track. Witch is great for the reactions. You learn every time new things and our trainer is watching us and tells us, where to improve. The trainer of the KSB school Kike.


Also some family time is important. My sister came visit us the last few days. We had a great time together. We enjoyed the sun and went to the gym, running and the kart track.


So, that's how I'm spending my winter break. I hope you enjoyed to read it. See you soon and have a great time.

Noah #55