Noah Dettwiler

Blog | Noah Dettwiler - Race 1 in Assen

Hello everyone,


How are you? I tell you now about my day. Today was the race day so was very excited.


Some hours before the race I talked with Dani and we checked the Data and looked at different things where to improve or what I can do better. It was important for me because he told me things who can help me to get faster.
One hour before the race I started to prepare me for the race. I did a warm up and I sat in my chair and relaxed to cool down. When I sat in my chair and waited until we go to the Pit Lane, Ex Rookie Can Öncü came over to say hello.


When it was time to go on track, I did two sighting laps to check the conditions and everything. On the grid I was very concentrated and I was looking forward to the start. It was an amazing feeling with all the fans there.


After the warm up lap everyone was ready to go. I had a great start and I could overtake some riders. The first lap was fine, but at the last corner in the chicane I went out in the gravel. I was concentrated to not crash and forgot to put the first gear inside and I rode through the gravel with too high a gear. My clutch was getting to hot.

When I was back on the track again, I wanted to continue the race, but some corners later I had to stop because the clutch was broken and the bike didn't run anymore. I was very sad because I had a great start and it could be in a good position. But this is racing, I am sad but I know things like this are part of racing.


The good thing is, tomorrow we will have a second race and there I will give everything and I will show my potential. A big thank you to the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup crew for the help and always the great work. Also a big thank you to my family. We will see us tomorrow.