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Hi there!

Hope you're all doing good. We're lucky here in Spain due to the great and warm weather. And we're still able to train and we use this chance and train as often as we can to prepare the season.


I had a quite intense training week. We've trained several things, on the bike but also others. Need to make sure my dad doesn't get bored so he has always got something to do on the bikes hehe.

I have gone to ride motocross again after a really long time. Has been so much fun flying through the Spanish air again.


The track we've been to (Red Sand MX Park) is amazing. We've been there for the first time and for sure it wasn't the last time...


I have been training with my coach (ex moto2 rider and now BSB and Endurance) Gino Rea. We've been on a good cycle. It's quite fun to train together with others. For sure, it wasn't the last cycle this winter...


I have been riding a few times on the karting track near our house. I was enjoying it like a child playing on the playground. It's fun to ride the Supermoto at the limit but sometimes you can feel the asphalt a bit too much.
But that I keep the feeling with the Moto3 tires we also train with the road bike.


Also riding my trials bike around the beautiful areas here is a fantastic training. It's an awesome feeling enjoying the riding and the views. It's kind of a way too relax but train at the same time.


So, I hope you enjoyed the little view into my training. I wish you all a great time. Stay safe!

And now... it's time for the Weeeeeekend!


Noah #55