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Hi everybody,

The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup season is coming closer and closer. In less than a week, we'll have the first days of testing in Spielberg (Austria) which I am really looking forward to!


But first I'd like to tell you a bit about my 2 first race weeks of the 2020 season in the European Talent Cup. Both race weekends took part in Portugal. The first was in Estoril and the second in Portimão.

It was great to sit on my race bike again after such a long and hard time. The trainings started well, in the last training session though, I had a highside out of T3. I was OK. But as you can see in the following picture, the bike wasn't. I'm glad to have this nice team. They literally built a new bike in only 2 hours.


The next day was the qualifying. I was really disappointed about my performance. I wasn't there where I wanted to be. I started off in P.28.


In the next morning in the warm up I got the feeling back. Later off in the first race I fought all race long in a group. I wasn't happy with my pace. I still managed to finish in P.12 and take few points. The second race was identical to the first. I was in the same group as I was in race 1. I wasn't happy with my weekend. But I knew there is another chance only 1 week later in Portimão.


The week between the races we enjoyed the good weather in Portugal. We went to a beautiful beach with our team.


Only a few days later the 2nd race weekend of 2020 started in Portimão. It was my first time on this circuit and my impressions were great. What a track that is... well, it seems more like a roller coaster than a race circuit. But I really loved it and felt good from the first laps.


The training went well and I was ready for the QP's. I had a few good laps. In the evening though, I couldn't improve my lap times due some mistakes. I was P.20 in the grid. That's still not where I want to be but I'm closer to the top.

I had a fantastic warm up and finished in P.9. And I knew, I was ready for the race.


I probably had the best start and first lap of my life so far. After starting 20th, I was in P.11 after only 1 lap and I was fighting in the front group. Unfortunately, after 2 laps there was the red flag waved due to a crash. In the restart I had a great start again and I went in the top 15.


In the first lap I made a huge mistake which costed me a few places again. I rode the race in a group. I was battling for P.14 and finished P.16. Such a shame for the red flag, but that's racing. Bad luck, but I had a really strong pace. And I was happy about that.

As we came home, I directly continued with my training. I'm working hard to be ready for Spielberg.

Now I'm home in Switzerland for some holidays. I really enjoy the time with my family and friends. But holiday doesn't mean no training... I continue with my training program. Not with the bike but everything else. To be at the maximum in Spielberg.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Soon, I'll update you with news from Spielberg, so, stay tuned!
I wish you a great time and I hope you enjoy watching racing again!

See you,

Noah #55