Noah Dettwiler

Blog | Noah Dettwiler on his own and training with friends

Hello everybody, how are you all? I hope you had great Christmas and you had a happy start in the new year.


Arrived in Spain and I'm already training hard. At the moment I train in Spain and sometimes in Italy with Roberto Locatelli. With Loca I am training different things. Not only with the bike, also a lot of Physical sports. GYM, mountainbike, and running. On the karting tracks I ride with a Yamaha R3.


After the first week (of six weeks) training with Loca, I flew the first ever time alone. I flew from Italy to Spain. I fly a lot, but the first time alone was a special feeling.


Arrived in Spain I directly continued with the training in the KSB school. Here in the KSB school I train, with a Kawasaki 65ccm, bike trial and Dirt Track. I trained Dirt Track together with my friend Ivan Ortola whose also in the Rookies Cup this year.

When this week of training in the KSB school ended, I trained by myself at home. I went running, cycling and climbing. One day, I went up a mountain next to my house with my dad and my dog. We had such a nice view over our new hometown and the sea. The week after we went to Almeria for a test with the European Talent Cup team. I saw some great people. One of the was the Isle of Man TT legend Guy Martin. One of the craziest riders I've ever met.


We had two solid test days on the Almeria (Andalucia) circuit. I felt great with the bike and I had good fun. We had a lot of improvements. It was the first time for me on the Andalucia circuit and it was one of the hardest ones I've ever ridden. But it was very much fun and it was great because there were only few riders and we could ride a lot.


Always after riding we checked the data to look where I can improve.


I am very happy and I feel great in this team (Avintia MTA Junior Talent Team), we work great together and we are like one big family. The next tests witch the team will be in Valencia and I can't wait to be back to racing.


So, that are the news about me and I'm looking forward for the 2020 season. I hope you will have a great time.