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Blog | Noah Dettwiler - First report of my winter training

Hello everybody,

At the beginning of December I was riding motocross in Ottobiano, Italy with my new 125ccm Yamaha. I had great fun flying through the air again.


After a few hours of training, I had a heavy fall over my handlebars. I was very scared that my knee was broken.


Luckily it was only heavily compressed and bruised. After two weeks everything was fine again.



At Christmas we drove to Cartagena in Spain to train. With great pleasure I rode for the first time in my life on a Kawasaki 600ccm. puahhh ..... so crazy and so fast. After a short time I felt very well and had a lot of fun.


I felt like being on a rocket. I rode two fun races. In the 600ccm race I took 8th position and in the open race I was 5th. On the last day of riding with the 600 on the 31st of December I rode the 4 hour race with a friend from Switzerland.


We started from the 19th place of 56 teams and we finished P.14. It was very amazing fun. It was really special because i did it for the first time. I made the start and it was really funny because it was the Le Mans start. You have to stand away from the bike and when the flag goes down you can run, jump on your bike and then race.


For two days I rode with the Pit-Bike. It is always good fun to slide over the asphalt.


The last day before travelling home we went to Valencia to the KSB training. It was great fun to train with small bikes with other riders. I learned a lot.

Running training


Every evening i was running round the circuit.

Happy new year to all an see you soon.