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Hello everyone,

The emergency situation here in Spain seems not to stop. I can't wait for when everything starts to be normal again and I can start training with the bike on the race tracks again.

Already since two weeks, we can go out a little bit again and we could start to train with the bicycle. When my dad comes with me, we always have time for a joke... (main photo)


We have a very beautiful area here and we can go cycle in the mountains or also along the sea.

But, as you can imagine, I can't live without the bike feeling and sound and sometimes, I ride in our garden with the motocross bike.


With this beautiful and warm weather here in Spain, I go walking in the mountains with my dad and my dog very often. It's very beautiful and it's a way to relax.


Also, the views are very beautiful.

I am looking forward to the time when I can write about bikes and racing in my blogs soon. And, pictures... like these...


Stay safe and have a great time!

Noah #55