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Blog | Noah Dettwiler doing it in the garden and the pool

Hello from Spain.

What a strange time this is at the moment. Also we here in Spain can't go outside of the house. Now we can see how nice it is, to go outside and do something. Already since one month, I can only train at home. My dasd and me built a small Cross track in the garden. So, when my mom comes back home, she will have to buy new plants.


For my physical condition I work very hard. I ride with the mountain bike in my garden on the small track.


So that it doesn't get boring, I try to do a lot of different trainings.


For example, a little bit for the force.


Indoor cycling...


Some workouts...

As you can see on the main picture.... My dad and me sometimes get too bored....

The time where I'm not training, I use the time to study for the school.


So, I wish you I great time. I hope that we will see each other soon and that everything will be normal again soon.

Stay safe and healthy!

Noah #55