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Hello and welcome to the final round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2019 season here in Spain in Aragón.


I had a great travel when I flew to Spain. At the end of the flight I had the possibility to go in the cockpit. It was amazing (Main photo)

This morning I went for a running session. We have the hotel about 30 minutes away from the track and it is great here. After that I ate breakfast and I came to the track.


When we were on track, I walked around a bit and enjoyed the great weather. Today, Zonta, Phillip and me had the opportunity to play the MotoGP game by the eSports place. It was a lot of fun.


At 15:00 p.m we had the track walk. Nice track. Up and down. Very cool. Today while the track walk I saw Maverick Viñales. He also was looking at the track.


So that's about my first day. Tomorrow are the first riding sessions. I will tell you how it went tomorrow evening.


See you then!

Noah Dettwiler #55