Nicolás Hernández

Blog | Nicolás Hernández still learning in Assen

Hi everyone,

The weeks begin with full competition, learning and adventures. Last weekend we were in Assen, I had a lot of problems with the bike and with the circuit as it cost me a lot of curves.

Especially the last since the suspension was failing because when I wanted to enter the curve the bike did not turn enough and when I wanted to squeeze in the braking the motorcycle pulled me out. P14


In the first race I could not finish, I left before passing the first round because I had a fall when trying to dodge one of my classmates.


On the second day I did not make a very good start and several drivers who were behind me prevented me from being in the first group.


We still need a bit to improvecbut we already know what is one of the problems we have and we will work very
hard to achieve it.

As learning, we still lack in braking but we will try to do better in the next races.