Nicolás Hernández

Blog | Nicolás Hernández overcoming a tough time at his favourite Red Bull Ring

Hi Everyone,

This weekend was the home race, there reaffirms how happy I am to be part of the incredible Red Bull family, I love Austria and I love the Red Bull Ring so much that this is my favourite circuit and favourite area. A perfect combination don't you think?


I had very high expectations for this weekend but without forgetting that I had been in the hospital for a while because of the fall in my last race in Germany. We have worked very hard to achieve a good performance in the race at home and after so much longing for the moment of being on my motorcycle and being able to enjoy this beautiful circuit I was finally able to go on track.

I left very strong and in my mind very safe but after a few laps I started having quite a few problems with my suspension and I couldn't brake well and the bike in the middle of the curve didn't turn enough.


After finishing the FP1, I spoke with the person for my most support in suspensions that is Santi (he is a true magician) I could solve my problem and in the FP2 the motorcycle was almost perfect we were on the right track and we touched the suspensions a little more so that were perfect in the QP.

Although I arrived with many expectations and very motivated, a root of those problems with the bike no longer had problems as I did and I made a bad QP.


After finishing this last Friday practice I didn't know what was going on in my head but I felt sad and disappointed with myself because I couldn't do things the way that I know I can do. I received a lot of advice from Dani Ribalta, which I really appreciate for supporting me This weekend Gustl was another one that also helped me a lot, many people helped me and so I could feel better (it was really bad).


I managed to cheer up and changed my attitude, I went out to the first race, I connected again with the bike.
In the second race several things improved (small but important things).

This weekend was a lot of mixed emotions, some not very good but thanks to all my family and the Red Bull Rookies Cup family I was able to solve them. This weekend was more to learn emotionally, I have to regain confidence in myself now that I have or think I have everything in order I will work very hard for the next race in Italy and thus be able to pass this bad run of my sports career .

Infinite thanks to all for this unforgettable weekend.