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Blog | Nicolás Hernández - My way through the #ItalianGP

Hi Everyone,

I like this circuit a lot, it was a pleasure to have made my second race here. I felt very comfortable from the start and I love the speed at which I can run on this track.


FP1 = the first shot with the circuit was quite good, I felt very comfortable and with room for improvement. I had enough problems with the bike because the bike does not turn and I have problems in the change of curve with the front suspensions. My biggest problem was in the last corner because it is the slowest sector. P17 + 3.5


FP2 = I was much better compared to FP1, the change we made in the suspension worked and the bike stabilised, this allowed me to go faster and I could improve in the last corner and improve the time. P10 + 1.9


QP = On this last lap I was with many of my teammates on the side so it was very difficult to overtake, when I was on my best lap another rider entered the circuit and overtook me, taking away the pace I was riding, I could have qualified in a better position. P16


Race = The bike was very good and I felt comfortable, we made a good start and we positioned ourselves in the front places, we managed to run fast and we were able to be with the front group.


This was impressive since we were so many pilots, after a long fight we managed to finish P10. I return home with 6 points and with a P15 in the Cup standings.


I am very motivated, I know that with the necessary dedication and discipline I will climb every race to occupy the first positions. We will train very hard to improve the things we fail in order to reach the next race stronger than ever every time we take a step forward and I will not stop until I achieve my goal which is to win!!!!

See you in Holland,