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Blog | Nicolás Hernández - My adventure through Sachsenring

Hi Everyone,

Well this was a hard weekend for me in several aspects. I suffered a hard fall in the race and as a result was under observation for 24 hours.

FP1: I lacked enough good sensations so I am not very comfortable with the bike. I need to attack more in the braking. My route is not bad at all it is necessary to adjust things and to be able to improve, I suffer quite a lot in turn 2. I was looking ta the telemetry with Dani and I know more or less what to do to improve in FP2. P19 + 2.489


FP2; Things improve, I feel better. The brakes improved something in what was wrong in the FP1 but there are still problems. I kind of know where to improve my mistakes and the one problem I had was that the bike wouldn't let me get into the right corners. I think that we solved it with Santi and I need to press a little bit to improve my mistakes. To be able to improve all the problems that I have, one of them is that I lack more in the middle of the curves. P17 + 1.694.


QP: This was the worst QP of the year for me. Even if I don't quite know what the problem is, the bike is hardly a problem, but I still can't get my ideal lap.


I'm plotting well I'm doing the things more or less where they need to be. I need to find the solution to this since starting from back so far in grid will be difficult. I have to improve in my exits and so get in contact with the first group. Let's go for it. P17 + 1.530.


Now I'm on my way home and I'm very glad that this little blow is past. I want to thank the entire organisation of the Red Bull Rookies Cup for the unconditional support they gave me when I needed it in these difficult times. Thank you very much, now I will prepare to be very strong for Austria which is my favourite circuit and to be able to get stronger than ever.


We will see you soon,