Nicolás Hernández

Blog | Nicolás Hernández missing the high goals he set for Jerez

Hi Everyone,

The first race in Jerez was a bit difficult for me, we had many expectations and desire to give our best. But we did not get things as we planned and after several problems with my hand and the bike, it was a little complicated to achieve the weekend goals.


I felt comfortable with the bike, we worked a lot to get it to the point of suspension, it lets us handle very well just some small details like that in curves it does not do the turns as I want but it will continue working on it to increase my performance in each race.


For the QP we left with a very good rhythm, motivated, after a few laps the bike had a failure so I could not finish my qualification although the motivation is never lost, it frustrates a bit but we know that nothing is ever said until the goal is passed.


The excitement and nerves are felt when the days of the races arrive, two days of a lot of gas and of giving it all. You always have to see the good side of things and we are left with the best of the weekend, motivated for the next races.


Thanks to all those who accompanied us and supported us in the distance!!

Nico Hernandez 44