Nicolás Hernández

Blog | Nicolás Hernández at home in Colombia after 3 years

Hi everyone,

In December I was in my native country, Colombia, after being away or 3 years, I was able to finish 2018 with my family and friends.


It was a month of much rest, of going out and sharing with my loved ones, but it was also a month to look for opportunities and make myself known in my land, all this in order to improve my future.

I was fortunate to be invited by the Olympic committee to the Altius Awards 2018 event, where the best athletes in the country are awarded. There I met great athletes who like me work tirelessly to leave the name of the country high internationally, I dream of receiving one of those awards very soon.


During my stay in Medellin, I was also able to visit some media that were interested in my story and wanted me to accompany them in programs and interviews.


They were moments that I enjoyed a lot, because that's when you realise that it's really worth the effort and fight for your dreams and that you recognise that, it is very rewarding.


Infinite thanks to those people and media that trust me, and they opened their doors to me: Canal Tigo Sports, Caracol Noticias, Teleantioquia, newspaper El Colombiano, Mr. Hernán Puertas.


New year, new expectations, after resting it's time to put it all over again, we go for the championship, to show what we have learned, and give everything of me so that this is my year!


The Red Bull Rookies Cup 2019 awaits me!!


See you soon,