Nicolás Hernández

Blog | Nicolás Hernández enjoying the KTM again.

Hi Everyone,

Last week the tests were carried out to start the season of the Red Bull Rookies Cup 2019 . I will tell you a little about how it was this week for me.


First feeling when riding the track: I love this bike!


The first day we worked on the set-up and got to know the track again. This bike I love and I feel very comfortable on it, during the practice sessions I felt a strong pain in the hand and did not have enough strength to brake hard, the doctor told me I had The inflamed muscle and this pressed on the nerve causing much pain, however that was not an impediment to continue the tests. I put a bandage on and I could continue.


My summary of this first test is positive, I feel stronger and prepared, I hope to recover
soon from the pain in my hand and continue training hard to give 100% in the first race of
the year on May 4th.


It was a real pleasure to see everyone and all this year we will continue to give gas!

Nico Hernández 44